Guidelines for Paper Submission : PhD Conference : The University of Western Australia

PhD Conference

Guidelines for Paper Submission

Please ensure the following author guidelines are followed so that the bound and distributed papers look as integrated as possible:

  • The title page should give details pertaining to the title of the paper, author, address and include a 100-word abstract.
  • Immediately after the title page, please include a one-page preface which puts the paper in the context of the proposed thesis and provides readers with any other relevant background material as well as indicate the names of supervisors. Please see the example conference paper.
  • The paper should be about 30 pages long, including tables, graphs etc.
  • The paper should be typewritten and 1.5 spaced with left-hand margin of 3cm.
  • Details of the references should be provided at the end of the text and not in footnotes within the text. For examples of this style, see the Journal of Political Economy.
  • Tables and figures should be presented as part of the text and, as far as possible, located immediately after they are first mentioned in the text.
  • For mathematical material, the style used by the Journal of Political Economy may be useful.
  • A separate one-page CV is required for inclusion in the Conference Program. Your CV should include personal details, qualifications, publications, employment or professional experience, and relevant awards.