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IAEE poster session

As an additional way of encouraging student work in energy economics, IAEE is continuing the Student Poster Session.

Participants must be a member of IAEE and a full-time student at the time of submission. At this event, students will be able to present their recent academic work, completed or in progress, to all conference delegates in a specially designed networking session.

Participants should aim to meet the following criteria:

  • Originality and novelty
  • Presentation and Q&A
  • Visual quality of poster

The poster presentation session, featuring up to 20 poster presentations relevant to the conference theme, will occur during the lunch break (12:30–14:00) on Monday 15 February 2016. The posters will be located in the foyer of the UWA Business School where conference participants will be able to freely move around and talk with the authors of the various posters.

Students may submit the same abstract for the poster session or one of the concurrent sessions. However, they must clearly state their preference for which type of presentation they would prefer to give. If the abstract is accepted for both sessions, they will be assigned their first preference. Students can also state that they want their submission to be considered only for the poster session or for one of the concurrent sessions.

In deciding which type of presentation might be better, students should be aware that these are not perfect substitutes.

A poster needs to focus on the essential elements of the research and have good illustrations, for example of data and results. Being forced to present the "essence" of the research in this way can be valuable for students preparing for job interviews. Students may also have the opportunity to explain their research to a wider audience in the poster session.

On the other hand, practice at presenting your research orally in a seminar environment is also very valuable and will also be essential for success in the job market. You may also be able to cover more technical details in a concurrent session, as the self-selected audience is likely to be more familiar with the area of research you are working on. However, you should also be aware that your presentation time in a concurrent sessions is also quite limited so again you will not be able to explain your research in depth.

The deadline for submissions is 16 October 2015. Only an abstract (not an actual poster) needs to be submitted by this date.


Students must bring posters for the actual presentation at the conference directly to the conference venue by 9:00am Monday morning 15 Feburary 2016. Posters must be in ANSI E size (34in. x 44in.) or ISO A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) in portrait or landscape format.

Participants in the Student Poster Session can arrange the printing of their posters in Perth if they do not want to travel with it. Printing is available through UniPrint (located on the UWA campus) or Snap Printing (located in a nearby suburb). To arrange printing through Snap Printing, request a quote (selecting Claremont as your nearest centre) or send a file (selecting Claremont as your nearest centre). To receive a flat rate at Snap Printing, quote "IAEE conference attendee" in the comments section of the submission form. This will allow you to receive a A0 (841 x 1189mm) poster on semi gloss photo paper for $68.00 including GST.

Please arrange to print your poster well in advance of leaving for the conference.