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IAEE Conference

PhD session

Students submit papers (based on their research) in advance of the conference to be considered for inclusion in this session, which will be held Sunday afternoon before the main conference begins. The paper can be identical to a paper that will be presented as a concurrent paper or poster later in the conference. The differences are that the PhD session will be attended only by other students, every paper will have a designated discussant, and students will have a longer time to present the technical details of their work than will be possible in a concurrent session presentation or on a poster. Students can also, of course, present different papers in the PhD and regular conference sessions.

Every student submitting a paper for this session must also be a discussant for another paper in the session. You will be sent the other student’s paper in advance and would be expected to discuss that paper in detail in a constructive and helpful manner. This could include pointing the author to alternative literature that they may not have considered, suggestions for alternative approaches to the problem they have addressed, and suggestions for data sources, or alternative data sources, that may be relevant to the research.

During the session, each student gets to present their own paper and also discuss the paper they have been assigned to review. Presenters and discussants will have roughly equal time, and each presentation and discussion will be followed by questions from the audience.

Important dates

Date Description
30 October 2015
Submission deadline for draft PhD session papers
30 November 2015
PhD session paper notification of acceptance
11 December 2015
Submission deadline for final PhD session paper that will be sent to the discussant. By submitting the final paper, the student agrees to participate in the session as a Presenter and a Discussant.
8 January 2016
Paper sent to the chosen discussant for review and preparing of remarks

For further information, contact Kelly Neill.

To submit a paper for the PhD session, please email your paper to Kelly Neill before the deadline specified above. In your email, please nominate topics for which you would like to act as a discussant (if different from the topic of your own paper).

Please note that the submission process for the PhD session is separate to the main conference. If you would also like to submit a paper to the main conference, please follow the instructions set out in the call for papers.