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5th IAEE Asian Conference

The 5th IAEE Asian Conference will take place in Perth, Western Australia between Sunday 14 and Wednesday 17 February 2016, and will focus on meeting Asia’s energy challenges.

The Conference will discuss solutions to meeting what is expected to be continuing enormous growth in Asian energy demand over the next few decades. This growth in energy demand will involve importing substantial amounts of energy from locations outside the region, with impacts on suppliers and other customers of those suppliers, and international and national security. It also will require substantial investments in infrastructure within the region, and policies to cope with the pollution and other externalities associated with ballooning energy consumption.

Exporting countries within the region, such as Australia, will need to develop more robust institutions for handling trade-offs between domestic consumption and export of energy commodities. Improving the efficiency of their energy supply systems will not only contribute to their own economic growth, but also enable them play a more constructive role in helping the importing countries of Asia meet their aspirations.

Key topics and issues to be discussed:

  • Forecasting Asian energy demands and supplies in total and by primary energy source and geography
  • Increasing access to energy in developing Asian economies
  • Forecasting needed energy infrastructure investments in Asia
  • Meeting Asian energy demand via international trade within Asia and from outside the region
  • National security and strategic implications of meeting Asian energy demand growth
  • Financing energy production and infrastructure investments to meet Asian demand
  • Energy pricing issues within Asian economies
  • Using energy efficiency improvements to help moderate growth in Asian energy demand
  • Possible changes in the structure of Asian LNG, coal and other energy commodity markets
  • Policies to cope with the environmental effects of increasing energy production and consumption
  • The potential for renewable and other new energy technologies to contribute to efficiently meeting Asian demand for electricity and transportation fuels
  • Electricity markets: What can Asian economies learn about ‘best practice’ within the region and from countries outside the region?
  • The future of nuclear power in Asia, including potential new technologies
  • Coping with the engineering and economic challenges of accommodating renewables in electricity supply systems
  • Taxation of energy production and consumption in Asian economies, including discussion of royalty regimes and sovereign wealth funds

Who should attend?

This Conference will be particularly beneficial for energy economists in academia, industry and government, analysts, and policy-makers who have an interest in meeting Asian demands for energy.

Delegates will include:

  • Energy company executives and managers
  • Energy policy analysts
  • Government employees in energy resource planning
  • Academics specialising in energy policy and analysis
  • Electricity pricing and market analysts
  • Energy consultants
  • Energy company planners
  • Energy risk and derivatives specialists
  • Financial sector economists focused on energy industry lending
  • Oil and natural gas executives
  • Executives concerned with energy prices and rate setting
  • Electricity and gas utility regulators
  • Environmental analysts focused on the energy industry
  • Geologists and engineers
  • Environmentalists
  • Energy journalists

Keynote Speakers

Dr Fereidun Fesharaki
Chairman, FG Energy
Dr Hans-Joachim Ziesing
Member of the "Energy of the Future" panel advising German Government
Ken Koyama
Chief Economist & Managing Director, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
Professor Ying Fan
Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Brad Leach
Principal, Energy Advisory Services

Special Presenters

The Honourable Dr Mike Nahan MLA
Treasurer; Minister for Energy; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests
Parliament of Western Australia
Paul Appleby
Head of Energy Economics BP Group Economics Team UK

Important Dates

Delegate Welcome Reception
14 February 2016
Conference Dinner
15 February 2016
Conference Lunch
16 February 2016
Breakfast by the Bay / Floating LNG Workshop
17 February 2016
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The IAEE is registered with GARP as an Approved Provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.
IAEE has determined that attending the Perth conference qualifies for 21 GARP CPD credit hours.
If you are a Certified FRM or ERP, please record this activity in your Credit Tracker at https://www.garp.org/cpd.

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