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Postgraduate research


Welcome to higher degree by research studies in the UWA Business School!

Whether commencing a Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, or Doctor of Business Administration, an exciting journey lies ahead and the Business School Research Office is here to support you. A Graduate Research Coordinator is located in each of the School’s disciplines and available to discuss any concerns that you may have with your research.

What Next?

Addition of Coursework Units

Will your degree benefit from enrolment in coursework units? PhD and Master of Philosophy candidates can enrol in up to 24 points of coursework units if necessary for successful completion of your research higher degree program.

Discuss with your supervisor(s), browse the UWA Handbooks for unit codes and availabilities, and check Timetables to see how your potential study plan could be scheduled.


Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy forms are available for all candidature and scholarship matters. Graduate Research Student - Online Forms in StudentConnect may be used for some requests (Suspension/Leave, Change of Enrolment, Change of Supervision, School and/or Research Direction, and Withdrawal).

Doctor of Business Administration forms are available on the Business School website.

Please submit all candidature and scholarship forms via the Business School Research Office.

Research Proposal

Your research proposal is due within 6 months for full-time and 9 months for part-time Doctor of Philosophy candidates, or 4 months for full-time and 8 months for Master of Philosophy candidates. PhD candidates must consult the Business School requirements when preparing your list of designated tasks for confirmation of candidature.

Confirmation of Candidature

All PhD candidates are enrolled conditionally for the first year (full time equivalent). Confirmation of candidature at the end of the first year will depend on satisfactory completion of a number of designated tasks. Your research proposal will include milestones for the first year that have been agreed between you and your supervisor. At the end of the first year of candidature, submit the Confirmation of Candidature form along with your annual progress report.

Annual Reports

Submission of your annual progress report acts as an application for re-enrolment. Even if you are on suspension, you are still required to lodge an annual report. The due date of your annual report is the anniversary of your enrolment each year.

Leave and Suspension

You do not need to apply to take annual leave of four weeks or less, if taken within Australia, but you do need to notify the School and supervisor. Scholarship and non-scholarship holders may apply for:

  • Annual/Personal Leave
  • Paid Professional Development Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Parental Leave

Sick leave, maternity leave, or parental leave will result in a formal suspension of candidature. Scholarship holders will need to submit a Stipend Claim form to restart payments when returning from leave.

Students may apply to suspend their enrolment for up to a total of 12 months throughout the duration of their candidature. Students who have suspended their enrolment are still required to lodge an annual report by the usual due date.


All students must discuss their work commitments with their supervisors to ensure that their work commitments are neither interfering with their research progress nor breaching the scholarship conditions.

UWA scholarship holders may undertake no more than 8 hours’ paid employment during the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, unless paid professional development leave has been approved.

Payslips for most scholarship holders are available via the Employee Self Service (ESS) every Thursday morning before payday.

Human Ethics

Most research activities involving human participants will require human research ethics review and approval prior to their commencement.

Please consult the Business School guidelines and direct applications and enquiries to the Business School Research Office.

Do you require a letter of cover or certificate of currency for your student work placement? Enquiries and requests for certificates may be made via email to Include with your email request evidence of your UWA approval/support for your unpaid placement.


Contact the Business School Research Office before making any travel arrangements.

All University travel must be approved by the appropriate University delegated authority, and regardless of funding source(s), Travellers and Travel Arrangers are required to arrange and manage travel through the Travel Requisitioning System (Concur).

Students who are intending to travel overseas for any length of time and for any type of leave while enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research course must complete an Overseas Travel form at least one month prior to departure.

Students must consult the following policies before booking overseas travel:

Funding and Grants

Business School Research Allowance

Research students can apply for Business School funds to assist them to undertake research and improve the quality of their research output. PhD and DBA students can apply for up to $3,500 over the duration of their candidature. Master of Philosophy students can apply for up to $1,750 over the duration of their candidature. Funds may be used to attend workshops or training events, install software, purchase postgraduate student business cards, collect data, present at a conference, have your thesis professionally edited, or other purposes as agreed by the Supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator.

GRS Student Travel Award ($1,850)

GRS provides grants for travel within Australia or overseas directly relevant to the student’s research work, including fieldwork, conference attendance and travel to gather research data. Students may apply for the award in up to three instalments.

Convocation Postgraduate Research Travel Awards

Postgraduate Research Travel Awards are awarded by the Convocation of UWA Graduates to enable postgraduate research students to enhance their research through travel in Australia or overseas. Convocation will provide 13 awards in 2016, each worth $3,000.

Awards are normally granted to students in the middle years of their candidature who can demonstrate that the travel will lead to new developments in the research or exploration of previously unexpected avenues. Preference may be given to applicants who intend to undertake a variety of activities during the proposed travel, such as conference attendance and visiting other institutions to bring back new skills or techniques to UWA.

Applications open on 4 April 2016 and close on 3 June 2016.

Postgraduate Student Association Travel Awards

The Postgraduate Students’ Association offer a number of opportunities for financial support. In 2016 there are 16 Conference Travel Awards (8 per funding round, with a value of $900 each), 4 Fieldwork/Data Collection Awards (2 per funding round, with a value of $1,350 each) and 5 Small Grants (applications open at all times, with a value of $500 each).

The PSA offers two rounds of funding from 1 April to 29 April 2016, and September to 28 October 2016.

Publication Prizes

The Graduate Research School makes annual awards of Prizes for Higher Degree by Research Achievements. Prizes of $1,000 are available in six academic categories for the best work accepted for publication in the previous year.

Australian Federation of Graduate Women

The Australian Federation of Graduate Women (AFGW) awards fellowships to women who are Australian citizens or permanent residents for postgraduate research, and who are in their second or third year of their degree.

  • Applications for the AFGW Barbara Hale Fellowship ($10,000) and the AFGW Fellowship ($8,000) close on 31 May 2016.
  • Applications for the AFGW Georgina Sweet Fellowship ($5,000) close at the end of May 2017.

Graduate Women (WA) Awards

Graduate Women WA offers annual bursaries and scholarships to women completing postgraduate research. They are open to women with a connection to any Western Australian university.

The closing date for applications is Friday 10 June 2016.

Resources and Training

Facilitated Writing Space

The Facilitated Writing Session aims to support the development of good writing habits by creating an environment that is conducive to productive writing. The drop-in session runs for two hours each week and is open to all postgraduate research students. In addition to providing a supportive environment, the weekly Facilitated Writing sessions also help in the development of good writing skills by allowing for one-on-one consultations. Students can ask for feedback on a piece of writing they have brought along or feedback on writing they have completed during the session.

Graduate Education Officers

Graduate Education Officers provide learning, language, and research skills support to research students through workshops and individual consultations. Students can contact Graduate Education Officers directly to book one-on-one consults for advice regarding academic issues, particularly writing and editing support. Graduate Education Officers may also refer students to Careers, Counselling, Housing, Finance, StudySmarter, LACE, International Centre, Sponsored Students Unit, and Student Admin as required.

Institute for Advanced Studies

The Institute for Advanced Studies offer Masterclasses and other training events for postgraduate research students.

Librarian @ Business

Librarian support is available in the Business School on Mondays and Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm during Trimesters, in room G30 – next to the Café. For help with research and referencing, drop in or make an appointment:

Seminars and Workshops

A series of seminars and workshops have been developed by the Graduate Education Officers and are held throughout the year. The research skills workshops are designed for HDR students in the early stages of their candidature and aim to develop research, writing, and generic skills. The academic writing workshops are for HDR students in the second, third or fourth year of candidature and aim to develop academic writing skills.

Statistics Clinic

The UWA Centre for Applied Statistics provides a free statistical advice clinic for postgraduate research students at UWA. They also provide short courses to enable you to analyse and interpret your data at highly discounted rates for UWA postgraduate research students.

Writing Retreats

Graduate Education Officers host a full week residential retreat for postgraduate research students at the UWA Albany campus each year. The specific aims of the retreat include assisting students to develop a more disciplined and inspired approach to writing, to critically examine and refine the overall structure of their work, and to make significant progress on a predetermined section of the thesis or on a paper for publication. The Retreat incorporates workshops, work-in-progress presentations and individual consultations with Graduate Education Officers within an interdisciplinary, peer environment. Additional non-residential writing retreats are also run twice yearly at the UWA Claremont campus.

Student Support Services

Careers Centre

The Careers Centre can help you develop and manage your career, find employment opportunities, career events, and resources, and match professionals with students through Career Mentor Link.

Counselling and Psychological Service

The UWA Counselling and Psychological Service provide professional and confidential services free of charge to HDR students. To make an appointment for a counselling session, students first attend a brief triage session which will last about 20 minutes. Counselling also provide workshops in a range of areas designed to help students achieve study goals and improve their university experience.


The Housing Service is a free and confidential accommodation advisory support service for students and staff of the University. They provide information and advice on housing issues, including helping you to understand leases, bonds, tenancy law, and the costs involved with establishing a household. They also provide resources to help you find suitable accommodation.


Language and Cultural Exchange (LACE) is an intercultural friendship program open to all postgraduates and staff at UWA. Events are free and include BBQs, campus tours, and sporting and cultural activities.

Student Financial Aid Service

The Student Financial Aid Service is a free and confidential service for students enrolled at the University. They can help students who are looking for finance to meet education-related expenses or for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.


STUDYSmarter helps UWA students get more out of their study, communication, maths, English language, writing, and research skills. They offer a range of workshops and experts are available for one-on-one support.

Sign up to receive free weekly Get Smart e-newsletters which include study tips and schedule of STUDYSmarter events.

Guild Student Assist

The UWA Student Guild employs a team of professional Student Assist Officers to provide information, support, and advocacy to all students (including postgraduates) on a range of issues. They can directly assist with academic and financial issues, and help you to find relevant UWA and community support services if you have a question or a problem but don’t quite know where to go.

Visit , email with a brief overview of the issue, or phone +61 8 6488 2292 to make an appointment.

HDR Forum

The HDR Forum is an initiative at the Business School to enrich your candidature. In collaboration with the Business School Research Office, students have established the HDR Forum to promote interdisciplinary social and professional activities so that you can really enjoy and develop yourself during your time here at the Business School.

Emerge: UWA Business School Doctoral Research Conference

The HDR Forum organise the annual Emerge: UWA Business School Doctoral Research Conference where HDR students from across the four disciplines and at varying stages of their candidature are encouraged to present their current research. The conference is intended to promote a high-quality research culture in the School and provide an invaluable forum for interdisciplinary collaboration and feedback.

UWA Business School Research Candidates (Facebook Group)

To stay up to date with all upcoming events, training, and funding opportunities, please join the UWA Business School Research Candidates Facebook Group.


The Business School Research Office will arrange the printing, binding, and submission of your thesis. You are required to format and style your thesis in a certain manner. Contact us for a thesis template.


UWA students who commenced their candidature after March 2003 are required to deposit their thesis with the UWA Research Repository. Depositing a thesis in the Repository does not affect your ownership of the copyright on the work.

If you have included the work of others within your thesis, then you must have their permission to publish the work in the Repository before depositing your thesis.

For students publishing thesis material commercially, or with an open access publisher, understand the publishers’ policies and either request permission to deposit their work in the Repository or request restricted access of your thesis before submitting the thesis for examination.

For more information visit Copyright and Higher Degree Theses and for any copyright queries you can email

Professional Editing

Students may use a professional editor in preparing their thesis for submission, but should discuss this with their principal supervisor and provide the editor with a copy of the policy before they commence work.


The Industry and PhD Research Engagement Program (iPREP WA) is a new collaboration between the five Western Australian universities, aimed at providing doctoral candidates with enhanced career opportunities.

The successful candidates will utilise the thesis examination period to complete a project as part of an interdisciplinary team with an industry partner. Their skill set will be matched with the requirements of an authentic workplace problem presented by the industry partner. Potential industry partners could include private companies, local councils, and government agencies.

Successful applicants will receive a $3,000 scholarship for completing the full-time 6-week program.

Thesis Allowance

Do you have a scholarship which includes a thesis allowance? Consult the Business School Research Office to find out if you need to complete a Thesis Allowance Claim Form.


Apply to graduate

Congratulations! If you are reading this, it is probably because you have completed, or are about to complete your course. To have your degree awarded from UWA, you must apply to graduate.

Higher degree by research students will need to contact the Graduation team by using the ‘Email Us’ option in askUWA once their thesis has been classified as ‘passed’ or ‘passed subject to correction’. Check the conferment dates to determine the deadlines for applications and completion of course.

Graduate Lifetime Email Address

UWA student email will be accessible for 12 months after you complete your course. Convocation provides a lifetime email address in the form of for UWA graduates.