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Business Practicum: For employers

Do you want to help a UWA student gain practical experience in their chosen field of work?

About the Business Practicum

Would your organisation benefit from new ideas and energy?

You can gain all of this and more by hosting a UWA Business School student as they complete a 100+ hour project or work placement for your organisation.

The Business Practicum offers your organisation the opportunity to gain the expertise of UWA Business School undergraduates in their second or third years of study, or of postgraduate students.

The experience may be in the nature of a short-term internship (normally of around 100-120 hours) where students gain relevant, supervised work experience in a business environment. Other opportunities may involve specific projects, where the student works on the solution to a problem or explores possibilities for an organisation.

As part of the experience, students are required to:

  • Where relevant create a proposal for the project/internship
  • Actively update a reflective journal throughout their placement, to connect with and contemplate their developing skills and experience
  • Produce a final report in which they combine their learnings with employability skills research, discuss their activities and make the link between their acquired skills and enhanced employability

Students who complete the Business Practicum gain work experience and enhance their employability skills at the same time as gaining academic credit.

The aim of the experience

The aim of the Business Practicum is to provide UWA Business School students with the opportunity to put theory into practice and in doing so, acquire additional skills to enhance their employability and aid successful transition in to the workplace.

The Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework (produced by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations) provides guidance from which we work.

The full document can be downloaded here:

A modified version can be downloaded here and we encourage you to refer to this information throughout the student’s work placement.

The ‘skill areas’ identified in the Framework link closely to the UWA Business School’s Program Learning Goals which are:

  • Knowledge and skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Reflective learning skills
  • Social and ethical awareness
  • Leadership and strategic skills (MBA only)

The UWA Handbook also has further information and unit requirements for postgraduates and undergraduates.

How to offer a placement

We are eager to provide a variety of opportunities to our students and invite organisations to submit their proposals for consideration. If you would like to offer an opportunity, please download and complete the yellow highlighted sections of the project information and student details document for assessment of suitability.

When your work placement or project is approved, you will be asked to sign an Employer Work Placement Agreement, prior to the student commencing in the role.

We are currently seeking work placement and project opportunities for Semester 1 (from 27 February 2017).

Email us if you would like to discuss the possibilities, submit a project or work placement opportunity, or make an enquiry.

For more information regarding industry placements and work integrated learning (WIL) at UWA, please visit .

What is expected from a host organisation?

The student is required to work in a supportive and supervised environment when completing their work placement.

The host supervisor will be asked to complete a brief feedback form at the end of the work placement. The evaluation will be taken in to consideration when the unit is marked, and provides a good opportunity to provide valuable feedback to the student. The objective of the feedback is to highlight strengths and potential areas for development to increase the students’ self-awareness, confidence and ultimately, their employability.

Fair Work Act

Information regarding the Fair Work Act for vocational work placements is available on the Fair Work website.


The University of Western Australia offers its students insurance for unpaid, approved work placements. The company must however provide:

  • public liability insurance
  • professional indemnity insurance
For further information, please refer to the Student Personal Accident webpage.