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Welcome to the Economics discipline at the UWA Business School.

The economics discipline undertakes world class research and teaching across a wide number of areas in economics. Our research is published in leading international journals and we also engage extensively with the media and provide thought leadership government and business leaders.

The Economics discipline has a large group of PhD students and hosts regular visits from acclaimed international academic economists. We hold two seminars per week; host the PhD Conference in Economics and Business, the Shann and Bateman Memorial public lectures, and several major conferences.

We offer a single major and double major in Economics at the undergraduate level. Our Economics Honours course is one of UWA’s premier programs and has produced some of the best graduates in Australia, many of whom have gone on to build successful careers as professional economists in institutes such as the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Treasury. Our postgraduate courses include the Master of Economics and PhD in Economics.

Economics was a founding discipline of UWA when it was established in 1911. Today, the Economics discipline is one of four disciplines within the internationally accredited UWA Business School. We have research strengths in International Trade, Development Economics, Resource Economics and Asian Economies.

If you are interested in learning more about our work, please contact the Head of Discipline Yanrui Wu or the Admin Team Leader, Maryann Evetts.  

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Public Lectures

Academic Staff and Research Interests

Name Primary Research Fields
Elisa Birch Labor Economics, Education Economics
Simon Chang
Labour Economics, Health Economics, Demographic Economics
Ishita Chatterjee Applied Microeconomics, Game Theory, Industrial Organisation, Institutions
Shawn Chen Development Economics, Economic Growth, Public finance, Chinese Economy
Ken Clements International Finance, Monetary Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Paul Crompton Energy and Resource Economics
Luciana Fiorini Microeconomics
Nicolaas Groenewold Macroeconomics, Regional Economics, Chinese Economy, Financial Economics
Peter Hartley Energy and Resource Economics, Macroeconomics
Michael Jetter Political Economy, Public Economics, Macroeconomics, International Economics
James Key International Trade, Education Economics
Bei Li Macroeconomics, Economic Growth
Leandro Magnusson Econometric Theory, Applied Econometrics
Michael McLure History of Economic Thought
Christopher Parsons
Development Economics, Migration, Applied Microeconomics
Anu Rammohan Health Economics,  Development Economics, Asian Economies
Peter Robertson International Trade, Economic Growth, Development Economics, Asian Economies
Abu Siddique Asian Economies, Development Economics, Migration
Sam Tang Macroeconomics, Asian Economies, Development Economics
Rod Tyers International Trade, Applied Macroeconomics, International Finance, Asian Economies
Juerg Weber Macroeconomics
Andrew Williams Education Economics, Development Economics
Yanrui Wu Chinese Economy, Development, Energy Economics, Economic Growth

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Academic Visitors

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