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The Management and Organisations group brings together leading academics from a number of related disciplines to advance knowledge on the management of complex organisations in society.

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The group’s research makes a significant contribution to business practice as well as to the advancement of knowledge within the broad field of management. Particular areas of scholarly expertise relate to the fields of organisational behaviour and human resource management, business information management, employment relations, general and strategic management, and transport and logistics. 

Through their involvement in a wide variety of teaching programs, members of the Management & Organisation group are also assisting both current and future business leaders to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to deal effectively with the challenges of managing in a dynamic and turbulent business environment. 

The Management & Organisation group includes a substantial number of postgraduate research students. PhD students can choose to concentrate in the fields of Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Business Information Management, Employment Relations, General & Strategic Management, Transport & Logistics.

Areas of scholarly expertise

Organisational behaviour & human resource management

Lead academics: Zhijun Chen, John Cordery, David DayCristina GibsonCatherine Leighton, Alex Luksyte, Sandra Kiffin-Petersen, Catherine Lees, Jenny Liao, Steven McShane, Sharon Parker, Amy Tian, Kerrie UnsworthGillian Yeo.

Postgraduate Students

Patah Salwa Abdul, Tim Ballard, Ian Boudville, Francesco Cangiano, Joseph Carpini, John Carruthers, Phillip De Bruyn, Richard Goater, Xiaowen Hu, Shen-Yang Lin, Thorsten Migge, Nicole Naeser, Rachel Percy, Yeow Hong Phay, Siddhartha Sanyal, Dina Sartika, Ami Seivwright, Andrea Steele, Aiden Thornton, Grant Van Lier Ribbink

Employment relations

Lead academics: Donella Caspersz, Ray Fells, Michael Gillan, Jacquie Hutchinson, Rob LambertTrish Todd.

Postgraduate Students

Tom Barratt, Renata Casado, Mark Hathaway, Lynne Johnston, Elly Leung, Tak Man Jeffrey Lou, Sandra Martain, Hasina Sheykh, Alex Veen

Business information management

Lead academics:  Peter Goldschmidt, Nick Letch, Monir Monirussaman, Doina Olaru, Min Qiu, Brett Smith, John Taplin.

Postgratuate students

Hj Mohd Ariffin Mohd Azman, Andre Bavington, Maryam Habibi, Ying Huang, Fakra Jabeen, Jillian Mustard, James O'Farrell, Hafizah Mohamad Hsbollah, Xingchen Song, Stuart Speidel, Morgan Strong, Joseph Teo

Strategy & Operations

Lead academics: Chris Perryer, Alan Simon, Christine Soo, Gary Stockport, Mark Edwards.

Postgraduate students

Markus Botte, Daniela Crisan, Benita Huba, Ananda Naidu, Jing Qin, Eng Sian Quek, Jue Wang

Transport & logistics

Lead academics: Doina Olaru, Min Qiu, Brett Smith, John Taplin.

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Academic visitors

Period of visit
Nathan Podsakoff
The University of Arizona
17 February to 18 March 2014
Niels Van Quaquebeke
15 March to 1 June 2014
Riki Takeuchi
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
6 to 9 September 2014
Antonio Paez
McMaster University
17 November to 12 December 2014
Darja Miscenko
Maastricht University


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