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Business School Board


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The Business School Board comprises of:

  • Dean
  • Deputy Dean
  • Persons actively engaged in industries/professions/community/government activities relevant to the work of the Faculty appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Dean and the Chair.

The Chair is elected annually by and from the external members of the Board.

Meetings are held up to five times a year.

The Business School Board plays a major role in assisting the School to achieve its strategic objectives.



The role of the Board is to assist the Business School to achieve its strategic objectives by:

(a) recommending, for the Vice-Chancellor's consideration and approval, appointments to the Board;

(b) nominating two members to sit on the selection committee that appoints the Dean;

(c) taking on the role of Directors of the UWA Business School Foundation with a principal role to oversee the use and distribution of funds held by the Foundation for the benefit of the UWA Business School in accordance with the rules established for the Foundation;

(d) nominating the Chair of, and liaising with, the Business School Fundraising Committee to ensure fundraising is consistent with overall Business School Strategy;

(e) taking an active role in attracting to the Business School high profile academics and business people (either on a full-time or part-time basis)

(f) taking an active role in representing and promoting the Business School within the University, the broader WA Industry, Australia and overseas;

(g) taking an active role in attracting new scholarships and promoting strategic use of UWA Business School scholarships;

(h) facilitating the development of the Business School Strategy, in conjunction with the Dean and the School Executive;

(i) facilitating the successful implementation of the Business School Strategy;

(j) facilitating active and open communication with the Vice-Chancellor and the University's Senate.