Business School

Accounting and Finance


Accounting and Finance are distinct but complementary fields of study. Accounting determines what aspects of business are recorded and how they are reported. Finance is about the identification of profitable projects and how they are funded.

Within the Accounting and Finance academic discipline group at the Business School there is a strong emphasis on research as well as a focus on producing quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs.  Discipline members have strong links with the business community and professional bodies.

The emphasis in Accounting and Finance is on developing competencies to deal with challenging questions and also engage in research to contribute original findings and insights. Some research interests include:

  • Anger, sadness and fear markets
  • Fairness of performance evaluation procedures and job satisfaction
  • Gender and the finance gap in small to medium-sized enterprises
  • Financial reporting by not-for-profit entities
  • Influences on investors’ choice of managed funds
  • Profitability of trading by insiders in Australia
  • The effect of budget participation on job performance
  • The impact of using international accounting standards on the source of finance
  • The influence of analyst and management forecasts on investor decision making
  • The link between corporate governance and firm performance
  • The role of directors in mergers and acquisitions