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Recent research publications


Business School researchers publish widely in leading international and Australian journals.  This list contains a selection of recent publications by Business School staff members

Accounting & Finance

Treepongkaruna, S., Brooks, R., Gray, S. (2012) Do trading hours affect volatility links in the foreign exchange market? AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT 37 (1) 7-27

Darwin, T., Treepongkaruna, S., Faff, R. (2012) Determinants of bond spreads: evidence from credit derivatives of Australian firms AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT 37 (1) 29-46

Holub, M., Mitchell, J. (2012) On-Market Share Buy-Backs: ASX Disclosure Requirements and Compliance ABACUS 48 (1) 31-58

Powell, J.G., Treepongkaruna, S. (2012) Recession fears as self-fulfilling prophecies? Influence on stock returns and output AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT 37 (2) 231-260

Heaney, R., Sriananthakumar, S.  (2012) Time-varying correlation between stock market returns and real estate returns  JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL FINANCE 19 (4) 583-594

Haq, M., Heaney, R. (2012) Factors determining European bank risk JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MARKETS, INSTITUTIONS AND MONEY 22 (4) 696-718

Cairns, D., Massoudi, D., Taplin, R., Tarca, A. (2011)  IFRS fair value measurement and accounting policy choice in the United Kingdom and Australia  THE BRITISH ACCOUNTING REVIEW 43 (1) 1-21

Yang, J.W.  (2011)  Transaction duration and asymmetric price impact of trades - Evidence from Australia JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL FINANCE 18 (1) 91-102

Brown, P. (2011)  International Financial Reporting Standards: what are the benefits?  ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS RESEARCH 41 (3) 269-285

Chan, K. F., Treepongkaruna, S., Brooks, R., Gray, S. (2011) Asset market linkages: Evidence from financial, commodity and real estate assets JOURNAL OF BANKING & FINANCE 35 (6) 1415-1426

Lau,S.T. and Yu, J. (2010) Does proximity matter in international bond underwriting? JOURNAL OF BANKING & FINANCE, 34 2027-2041

Aerts, W. and Tarca, A. (2010) Financial performance explanations and institutional setting, ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS RESEARCH, 40 (5) 421-450

Chong, V.K. and Syarifuddin, I. (2010) The effect of obedience pressure and authoritarianism on managers' project evaluation decisions, ADVANCES IN ACCOUNTING, INCORPORATING ADVANCES IN INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING, 26 1424-1437

Heaney, R.A., Foster, F.D., Gregor, S., O'Neill, T. and Wood, R.E. (2010) "Are Two Heads Better Than One? An Experiment in Share Trading by Naive Traders". AUSTRALIAN JOUNAL OF MANAGEMENT 35 (2) 119-143

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Clements, K.W. Gao, G. (2012) Quality, quantity, spending and prices EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW 56 (7) 1376-1391

Ghosh, A., Robertson, P.E. (2012) Trade and expropriation ECONOMIC THEORY 50 (1) 169-191

Clements, K.W., Izan, I.H.Y. (2012) The pay parity matrix, a tool for analysing the structure of pay APPLIED ECONOMICS 44 (34) 4515-4525

Chatterjee, I., Ray, R. (2012) Does the evidence on corruption depend on how it is measured? Results from a cross-country study on microdata sets APPLIED ECONOMICS 44 (25) 3215-3227

Arora, V., Tyers, R. (2012) Asset arbitrage and the price of oil ECONOMIC MODELLING 29 (2) 142-150

Rammonhan, A., Robertson, P.E. (2012) Human capital, kinship, and gender inequality OXFORD ECONOMIC PAPERS 64 (3) 417-438

Siddique, A., Selvanathan, E.A., Selvanathan, S. (2012) Remittances and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 48 (8) 1045-1062

Tyers, R.  (2012) Japanese Economic Stagnation: Causes and Global Implications THE ECONOMIC RECORD 88 (283) 517-536

Tyers, R., Golley, J. (2012) "Population Pessimism and Economic Optimism in the Asian Giants" THE WORLD ECONOMY 35 (1) 1387-1415

Fan, J., Guo, X., Marinova, D., Wu, Y. (2012) Embedded carbon footprint of Chinese urban households: structure and changes JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 33 50-59

Grace Gao (2011) ‘World Food Demand’ in AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS 94 (1) 25-51

Costello, G., Fraser, P., Groenewold, N. (2011) House prices, non-fundamental components and interstate spillovers: The Australian experience JOURNAL OF BANKING AND FINANCE 35 (3) 653-659

Williams, A. (2011) Shining a Light on the Resource Curse: An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between Natural Resources, Transparency, and Economic Growth WORLD DEVELOPMENT 39 (4) 490-505

Tyers, R., Zhang, Y. (2011) Appreciating the Renminbi THE WORLD ECONOMY 34 (2) 265-297

Harris, R.G., Robertson, P.E., Xu, J.Y. (2011) The International Effects of China's Growth, Trade and Education Boom  WORLD ECONOMY 34 (10) 1703-1725

Clements, K.W. and Chen, D.L. (2010), Affluence and Food: A Simple Way to Infer incomes, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS, 92 909-926

Clements, K.W. and Lan, Y.H. (2010) A new approach to forecasting exchange rates JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MONEY AND FINANCE 29 (7) 1424-1437

Groenewold, N., Chen, A.P. and Lee, G.P. (2010) Inter-regional Spillovers of Policy Shocks in China, REGIONAL STUDIES 44 87-101

Kristoffersen, I. (2010) The metrics of subjective wellbeing: Cardinality, Neutrality and Additivity THE ECONOMIC RECORD   86 98-113

Mills, E.J., Rammohan, A., Awofeso, N. (2010) Ageing faster with AIDS in Africa, THE LANCET 377 1131-1133

Chen, A.P., Groenewold, N. (2010) Reducing regional disparities in China: An evaluation of alternative policies JOURNAL OF COMPARITIVE ECONOMICS 38 189-198

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Management & Organisations

Volpone, S., Stewart, R., Luksyte, A., Avery, D., McKay, P., Hernandez, M., & Hebl, M. (in press) Examining the draw of diversity: How diversity climate perceptions affect job pursuit intentions. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Accepted for publication on 12th March 2012

Bindl, U., Parker, S., Totterdell, P., Hagger-Johnson, G. (2012) Fuel of the self-starter: How mood relates to proactive goal regulation JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY 97 (1) 134-150

Porath, C., Spreitzer, G., Gibson, C., Garnett, F.G. (2012) Thriving at work: Toward its measurement, construct validation, and theoretical refinement JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 33 (2) 250-275

Wu, C., Parker, S.K., de Jong, J.P.J. (2012) Need for Cognition as an Antecedent of Individual Innovation Behavior JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT 21 December 2011 1-24

Strauss, K., Griffin, M., and Parker, S.K., (2012) Future work selves: How salient hoped-for identities motivate proactive career behaviors. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97 (3), 580-598

Neal, A., Yeo, G., Koy, A., Xiao, T. (2012) Predicting the form and direction of work role performance from the Big 5 model of personality traits JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 33 (2) 175-192

Unsworth, K.L., Mason, C.M. (2012) Help Yourself: The Mechanisms Through Which a Self-Leadership Intervention Influences Strain JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY 17 (2) 235-245

Kiffin-Petersen, S., Murphy, S.A., Soutar, G. (2012) The problem-solving service worker: Appraisal mechanisms and positive affective experiences during customer interactions  HUMAN RELATIONS 65 (9) 1179-1206

Todd, P. (2012) Employer and Employer Association Matters in 2011 JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 54 (3) 344-360

Gibson, C.B., Gibbs, J.L., Stanko, T.L., Tesluk, P., Cohen, S.G.  (2011)  Including the "I" in Virtuality and Modern Job Design: Extending the Job Characteristics Model to Include the Moderating Effect of Individual Experiences of Electronic Dependence and Copresence ORGANIZATION  SCIENCE 22 (6) 1481-1499

Day, D.V., Sin, H-P.  (2011)  Longitudinal tests of an integrative model of leader development: Charting and understanding developmental trajectories  THE LEADERSHIP QUARTERLY  22 (3) 545-560

Day, D.V.  (2011)  Integrative perspectives on longitudinal investigations of leader development: From childhood through adulthood  THE LEADERSHIP QUARTERLY 22 (3) 561-571

Johnson, A., Hong, H., Groth, M., Parker, S.K.  (2011)  Learning and development: promoting nurses' performance and work attitudes  JOURNAL OF ADVANCED NURSING 67 (3) 609-620

Kirkman, B.L., Mathieu, J.E., Cordery, J.L., Rosen, B., Kukenberger, M.  (2011)  Managing a New Collaborative Entity in Business Organizations: Understanding Organizational Communities of Practice Effectiveness JOURNAL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY 96 (6) 1234-1245

Olaru, D., Smith, B.W., Taplin, J.H.  (2011)  Residential location and transit-oriented development in a new rail corridor TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART A: POLICY AND PRACTICE 45 (3) 219-237

Leung, K., Bhagat, R., Buchan, N.R., Erez, M., Gibson, C.B.  (2011)  Beyond national culture and culture-centrism: A reply to Gould and Grein (2009)  JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES

Plowman, D.H.  (2011)  Industrial Arbitration and the Single Purpose League  JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 53 (2) 209-224

Todd, P.  (2011)  Employer and Employer Association Matters in 2010 JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 53 (2) 209-224

Unsworth, K., Adriasola, E., Johnston-Billings, A., Dmitrieva, A., Hodkiewicz, M.  (2011)  Goal hierarchy: Improving asset data quality by improving motivation RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY 96 (11) 1474-1481

Dunlop, P.D., Morrison, D.L., Cordery, J.L.  (2011)  Investigating Retesting Effects in a Personnel Selection Context International Journal of Selection and Assessment 19 (2) 217-221

Teo, H., Caspersz, D. (2011) Dissenting Discourse: Exploring Alternatives to the Whistleblowing/Silence Dichotomy JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS 104 (2) 237-249

Caspersz, D., Gillan, M., White, D. (2011) State, Ideology and the Emergence of ‘Good Faith’ Collective Bargaining Regulation in Australia  JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 53 (5) 632-646

Cordery, J.L., Morrison, D., Wright, B.M., Wall, T.D. (2010) The impact of autonomy and task uncertainty on team performance: A longitudinal field study JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 31 (3) 240-258

Curtis, C., Olaru, D. (2010) The relevance of traditional town planning concepts for travel minimization PLANNING PRACTICE AND RESEARCH   25 (1) 49-75

Lambert, R.V., Webster, E. (2010) Searching for security: Case studies of the impact of work restructuring on households in South Korea, South Africa and Australia JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS   52 (5) 595-611

MacCormick, J.S., Parker, S.K. (2010)  A multiple climates approach to understanding business unit effectiveness HUMAN RELATIONS   63 (11) 1771-1806

Parker, S.K., Bindl, U.K., Strauss, K. (2010) Making things happen: A model of proactive motivation JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT   36 827-856

Parker, S.K., Collins, C.G. (2010) Taking stock: Integrating and differentiating multiple proactive behaviors JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT   36 (3) 633-662

Todd, P.  (2010)  Employer and Employer Association Matters in 2009 JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 52 305-319

Unsworth, K.L., Turner, N., Williams, H.M., Piccin-Houle, S. (2010) Giving thanks: the relational context of gratitude in postgraduate supervision STUDIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION   35 871-888

Weigl, M., Hornung, S., Parker, S., Petru, R., Glaser, J., Angerer, P. (2010) Work engagement accumulation of task, social, personal resources: A three-wave structural equation model JOURNAL OF VOCATIONAL BEHAVIOR   77 (1) 140-153

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Sweeney, J.C., Soutar, G.N., Mazzarol, T. (2012) Word of mouth: measuring the power of individual messages EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MARKETING 46 (1/2) 237-257

Grougio, V, Pettigrew, S.F. (2011) Senior Customers’ Service Encounter Preferences JOURNAL OF SERVICE RESEARCH 14 (4) 475-488

Sirgy, M.J., Gurel-Atay, E., Webb, D., Cicic, M., Husic, M., Ekici, A., Herrmann, A., Hegazy, I., Lee, D.-J., Johar, J.S.
 (2012) Linking Advertising, Materialism, and Life Satisfaction  SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH 107 (1) 79-101

Clemes, M.D., Brush, G.J., Collins, M.J.  (2011) Analysing the professional sport experience: A hierarchical approach  SPORT MANAGEMENT REVIEW 14 (4) 370-388

Scott, L., Williams, J.D., Baker, S.M., Brace-Govan, J., Downey, H., Hakstian, A., Henderson, G.R., Loroz, P.S., Webb, D.  (2011)  Beyond Poverty: Social Justice in a Global Marketplace  JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY & MARKETING  30 (1) 39-46

Block, L.G., Grier, S.A., Childers, T.L., Davis, B., Ebert, J.E.J., Kumanyika, S., Laczniak, R.N., Machin, J.E., Motley, C.M., Peracchio, L., Pettigrew, S., Scott, M., Van Ginkel Bieshaar, M.N.G.  (2011)  From nutrients to nurturance: A conceptual introduction to food well-being  JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY & MARKETING 30 (1) 5-13

Lee, J.A., Soutar, G.N., Daly, T.M., Louviere, J.J.  (2011)  Schwartz Values Clusters in the United States and China JOURNAL OF CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY 42 (2) 234-252

Sneddon, J.N., Soutar, G.N., Mazzarol, T.W. (2010) Modelling the faddish, fashionable and efficient diffusion of agricultural technologies: A case study of the diffusion of wool testing technology in Australia TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE   78 (3) 468-480

Lee, J.A. and Soutar, G.N. (2010)  Is Schwartz's Value Survey an Interval Scale, and Does It Really Matter? JOURNAL OF CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY 41 (1) 76-86

Pettigrew, S., Daly, T., Lee, J., Soutar, G. and Manning, K. (2010) Travellers' Currency Conversion Behaviors, ANNALS OF TOURISM RESEARCH 37 (1) 265-269

Quintal, V.A., Lee, J.A. and Soutar, G.N. (2010) Risk, uncertainty and the theory of planned behavior: A tourism example, TOURISM MANAGEMENT 31 (6) 797-805

Amonini, C., McColl-Kennedy, J., Soutar, G.N., Sweeney, J.C.  (2010) How Professional Service Firms Compete in the Market: An Exploratory Study  JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT 26 (1-2) 28-55

Sirgy, M.J., Lee, D.J., Grzeskowiak, S., Yu, G.B., Webb, D., El-Hasan, K., Garcia Vega, J.G., Ekici, A., Johar, J.S., Krishen, A., Kangal, A., Swoboda, B., Claiborne, C.B., Maggino, F., Rahtz, D., Canton,  A., Kuruuzum, A. (2010) Quality of college life (QCL) of students: Further validation of a measure of well-being SOCIAL INDICATORS RESEARCH   99 (3) 375-390

Mazzarol, T.W. & Reboud, S. (2009)  The Strategy of Small Firms: Strategic Management and Innovation in the Small Firm, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Cheltenham UK, Northampton, MA, USA.

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