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Graduate Certificate in Business

Take the next step in your management career with the Graduate Certificate in Business — a complete stand-alone qualification, or your pathway to an MBA.

The UWA Business School’s Graduate Certificate in Business offers experienced professionals the opportunity to complete a postgraduate qualification and enhance their management skills.

Students will gain knowledge in the principal areas of business, and also have the opportunity to take part in professional development seminars and workshops, as well as networking events with the School’s corporate partners.

If you choose to further your studies, the Graduate Certificate in Business can also serve as an entry point into the MBA Flexible, with full credit for completed units. Entry into the MBA Flexible is subject to students achieving a weighted average mark of at least 65 per cent in the Graduate Certificate in Business.

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Course information

Course structure

Students complete the following four units:

ACCT5602 Accounting

  • This unit develops your ability to understand, interpret and use financial reports.
  • You will develop an understanding of the basic concepts underlying external general-purpose financial reports, and then learn techniques to analyse these reports.
  • In addition, the unit discusses basic cost concepts for making operating and strategic decisions within an organisation.

ECON5503 Economic Management and Strategy

  • This unit assists managers to make informed decisions in an environment of economic risk and uncertainty.
  • The unit introduces the basic elements of microeconomics and macroeconomics, and is built around contemporary business experience and informal case studies.
  • Topics include: supply and demand; market structures; contemporary market issues; the macroeconomic environment; money and financial markets; interest rates; inflation and unemployment; exchange rates; and a range of topical economic issues.

MKTG5550 Marketing Principles

  • This unit studies the following:
    • marketing function;
    • marketing decision making and the marketing mix;
    • forecasting demand;
    • market segmentation and related behavioural issues;
    • marketing strategies;
    • product as a marketing variable;
    • channel strategy;
    • promotion budgeting and allocation, promotion and advertising strategies;
    • pricing decisions;
    • evaluation and control of marketing management.

MGMT5501 Organisational Behaviour

  • This unit focuses on individual and group behaviour in organisations.
  • Topics may include:
    • personality and behaviour;
    • personal performance and stress;
    • decision-making skills;
    • managing power, politics and conflict;
    • team and group dynamics;
    • gender and diversity issues;
    • and interpersonal and group communication.

Course at a glance

Location offered Crawley (Perth, Western Australia)
Attendance types Part-time, Full-time
Delivery mode Internal (on campus) and online
Starting dates Trimester 1 (January), Trimester 2 (May), Trimester 3 (August). Please note that orientation begins one week before the start of each trimester.
Weekly time commitment The estimated time commitment is 12 hours per week per unit which includes contact hours, personal study and examinations.
Standard full-time completion 4-8 months
Maximum time to complete 2 years
Course fees See our Course Calculator
Scholarships See our Business School Scholarships and UWA Scholarships
Course code 41210
CRICOS Code 41210, 089264G

Admission requirements

All students must meet UWA's English language competency requirements.
Applicants may enter the Graduate Certificate in Business through one of the following pathways:

Pathway One
  • A bachelor's degree, or equivalent as recognised by UWA; and
  • At least three years' relevant, documented, professional experience, and
  • One of the following:
    • the equivalent of a UWA weighted average mark of at least 60 per cent; or
    • a valid Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score of at least 550; or
    • at least two additional years (five years total) of relevant documented professional experience considered by UWA to be sufficient to permit satisfactory completion of the course.
Pathway Two
  • At least eight years of relevant, documented, professional experience that in the opinion of the Faculty would permit the applicant to complete the course satisfactorily.
Note: The Graduate Certificate in Business articulates into the MBA Flexible. If you achieve a weighted average mark of 65 per cent, you can choose to progress into the MBA Flexible with full credit for completed units. For further information, please contact the MBA Centre.

Teaching period

Applications Open

Applications Close

Orientation (Compulsory)

Trimester commences

Trimester 3 2018 14/05/2018 19/08/2018 Saturday 1 September Monday, 3 September 2018
Trimester 1 2018 MBA/GCB/GCEI/GCL 3/09/2018 1st Rd.(offer pre-Xmas) 2-12-19 Saturday 19 January 2019 Monday, 28 January 2019
Trimester 1 2018 GCSI* 3/09/2018 1st Rd.(offer pre-Xmas) 2-12-19 Friday 8 February 2019* *TBC
Trimester 2 2018 28/01/2019 28/04/2019 Saturday 11 May 2019 Monday, 13 May 2019
Trimester 3 2018 13/05/2019 18/08/2019 Saturday 31 August 2019 Monday, 2 September 2019
*GCSI*Draft date only until timetable confirmed October 2018

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