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Each year we host or participate in a number of seminars and conferences to share what we have learned and to help to disseminate interesting, worthwhile research and experiences from others.

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Previous conferences, seminars and events

  • The 10th Australian Development Economics Workshop (ADEW) was held on 5th-6th June 2014. Hosted by the UWA Business School, the workshop received funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Harvard University’s Professor Lant Pritchett delivered the keynote address and public lecture on the topic of “How can nations succeed?”
  • HETSA 2013 - The History of Economic Thought Society of Australia hosted the 26th conference in Perth, in July, 2013.
  • 2013 UWA Workshop on the Chinese Economy - This workshop was designed to foster research on the Chinese Economy including Chinese economic growth prospects and its international implications.
  • The annual PhD Conference in Economics and Business was initiated by the UWA Business School in 1987 and is now a joint venture between UWA, The Australian National University, the University of Queensland, and from 2012 Monash University.
  • The 7th Australian Development Economics Workshop (ADEW) was held on 9th-10th June 2011. The workshop was hosted by the UWA Business School and funded by AusAID, with the keynote address and public lecture given by Professor Robin Burgess, London School of Economics. Can Entrepreneurship Programs Transform the Economic Lives of the Poor.
  • The Accounting and Finance Reseach Forum was held in July 2010 with the theme "Rethinking Market Efficiency in Accounting and Finance"