Business School

International collaboration

The School is committed to working with top researchers from around the world to provide critical insights and solutions for policy makers and business decision makers as they face the challenges of operating in a global economy.

A sample of our current international collaborative research:

Accounting and Finance

Business School Staff
International collaboration
Chong, Vincent
Dr Simon Leung (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), The effects of feedback, goal Level and compensation schemes on task performance.
Da Silva Rosa, Raymond
Stern School of Business, Department of Finance (New York University), Option backdating in Australia
Holub, Mark
Dr Jason Mitchell (World Bank), Share Buy-backs
Dr Suzanne and Dr Michelle Lin (Takming University of Science and Technology), Free cash flow and M & A
Koh, SzeKee
Mr Noel Yahanpath (Eastern Institute of Technology), Strength of bond covenants and bond assessment framework
Lan, Yihui
Dr Ping Wang (University of Birmingham), Exchange rates, interest rates and stock prices
Tarca, Ann
University of Dayton and Antwerpen University, Factors affecting MD&A disclosures by SEC registrants
Yu, Jing
Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business (University of Wisconsin), Foreign block ownership and stock liquidity.
Nanyang Business School (Nanyang Technological University), Are earnings announcements informative? An international study


Business School Staff International collaboration
Groenewold, Nicolaas
Economics (Jinan University), Regional Equality and National Development in China: Is there a Trade-off?
Economics (Jinan University), Reducing Regional Disparities in China: Is Investment Allocation Policy Effective?
Economics (Jinan University), The  Regional Economic Effects of a Reduction in Carbon Emissions
Economics (Jinan University) and Agricultural and Resource Economics (Ohio State University), The Regional Economics Effects of Pollution Reduction in China
Business School and Faculty of Business (University of Aberdeen), House Prices, Non-Fundamental Components and Interstate Spillovers: The Australian Experience
Lee, Sam-Ho
Assoc/Prof. Changhui Kang (Chung-Ang University), Differences in Relative Importance of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills
McLure, Michael
Economics (Bocconi University), Translation of Pareto's Manuale
Rammohan, Anu
Asst/Prof. Madhu Sekher (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Institutions for Food Security
Prof. E. Mills (University of Ottawa), AIDS and elderly
Tyers, Rod
CCER (Peking University), China saving and current account
School of Economics (Peking University), China rural-urban migration
Weber, E Juerg
Prof. Paul Schmid-Hempel (Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich), Evolution of Time Preference and Its Impact on Economic Growth (Ph.D. research: Jason Collins)
Prof. Peter Zweifel (University of Zurich), Insurance Economics / Health Economics

Wu, Yanrui
School of Management (University of Science and Technology of China), China's Energy and Environment
School of Economics (Xian Jiaotong University), China's Energy and Environment
Department of Economics (University of Macau), Agricultural Employment and Efficiency

Management and Organisations

Business School Staff International collaboration
Cordery, John
Prof. David Midgley (INSEAD), Learning mechanisms and the development of dynamic capabilities
Prof. Brad Kirkman (Texas A&M University), Prof. John Mathieu (University of Connecticut), and  Prof. Benson Rosen (North Carolina -Chapel Hill ), Organizational communities of practice
Prof. Fred Morgeson (Michigan State University), The design of co-produced work
Day, David
Prof. John Antonakis (University of Lausanne), Nature of Leadership
Dr Matt Barney (Infosys Leadership Institute), Ethical influence and leadership
Asst/Prof. Hock Peng Sin (Michigan State University), Modelling leadership capacity
Edwards, Mark
Massey University and Luxembourg University (SUNY Press), Big Picture Science
Gibson, Cristina
Ms Dana McDaniel (University of California, Irvine) and Asst/Prof. Betina Szkudlarek (Erasmus University), Multinational research methods
Prof. Miriam Sánchez-Manzanares (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Asst/Prof. Ramon Rico (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Empirical study of implicit coordination
Asst/Prof. Ramon Rico (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Prof. Miriam Sánchez-Manzanares (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Prof. Mark Clark (American University), Team coordination
Prof. Gretchen Spreitzer (University of Michigan), Asst/Prof. Christine Porath (Georgetown University), and Ms Flannery Stevens (University of Michigan), Thriving at work construct validation
Asst/Prof. Christine Porath (Georgetown University) and Prof. Gretchen Spreitzer (University of Michigan), Vicarious empowerment
Ms Rebekah Dibble (Thunderbird Academy of International Management), Team external adjustment
Asst/Prof. Narda Quigley (Villa Nova University), Team development trajectories
Ms Dana McDaniel (University of California Irvine), Relational energy
Ms Rebekah Dibble (Thunderbird Academy of International Management), Collaboration as new form
Assoc/Prof. Bradley Kirkman (Texas A&M University), Dr Debra Shapiro (University of Maryland), and Ms Laura Huang (University of California, Irvine), New model of team effectiveness
Assoc/Prof. Bradley Kirkman (Texas A&M University), Dr Debra Shapiro (University of Maryland), and Ms Laura Huang (University of California, Irvine), Value diversity in virtual teams
Dr Aida Hajro (Brunel University) and Prof. Markus Pudelko (Tübingen University), Organisation context and multicultural interaction
Lambert, Rob
Institute of Social and Economic Research (University of the Witwatersrand), Corporations and the Environment
Institute Globalization and the Human Condition (McMasters University), University of California (Berkley), London School of Economics, University of Nottingham, and Institute for Social & Economic Research (University of the Witwatersrand ), Global crises (financial / work / ecology) and alternative modelling
McShane, Steven
Prof. Mary Ann von Glinow (Florida International University), M-Organizational Behaviour 1e
Assoc/Prof. Sandra Steen (University of Regina), Canadian Organisation Behaviour 8e
Nick Letch
Dr Vishanth Weerakkody (Brunel University), Transformational e-Government Services
Olaru, Doina
Engineering (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Valuation of noise and pollution
Parker, Sharon
Dr Karoline Strauss (Institute of Work Psychology), Active workforce initiative
Prof. Peter Warr (Institute of Work Psychology), Ms Uta Bindl (Institute of Work Psychology), and Ilke Ingecelou (SHL), Affect and work performance
Tom Calvard (London School of Economics), Ms Uta Bindl (Institute of Work Psychology), Prof Linn Van (University of Michigan), Motives for silence within the work place
Dr Sandy Hershcovis; Tara Reich (University of Manitoba), Social influences on victims' responses to harassment
Dr Heather Vough (McGill University, Montreal), Social processes and proactivity
Dr Adam Grant (Wharton Business School), Proactivity and job design
Yeo, Gillian
Dr Luke Smillie (University of London), Goal orientation training intervensions
Asst/Prof. Aaron Schmidt (University of Minnesota), and Prof. Jeff Vancouver (University of Ohio), Safety vs productivity
Assoc/Prof. Brad Bell (Cornell University), Active learning


Business School Staff International collaboration
Jarvis, Wade

Prof. Susan Golicic (Colorado State University), Impact of product loyalty on supply chain strategy
Dr Antonio Stasi (University of Foggia), A cross-country analysis of attribute loyalty
Lee, Julie
Prof. Shalom Schwartz (Hebrew University), Personal values theory and measurement
Dr Anat Bardi (Royal Holloway University of London), and Dr Nadi Hofmann-Towfigh (University of Potsdam), Value change
Assoc/Prof. Nancy Wong (University of Wisconsin), Cross cultural consumer behaviour
Prof. Jackie Kacen (University of Houston), Impulsive behaviour
Asst/Prof. Tim Daly (University of Akron), Bargaining behaviour
Prof. Dana Alden (University of Hawaii) and Asst/Prof. James Kelley (St Josephs University), Global brands
Dr Siew Imm Ng (University Putra Malaysia), Acculturation
Prof. Jackie Kacen (University of Houston), and Patricial Liu (Singapore), Cross cultural shopping behaviour
Liu, Fang
Assoc/Prof. Wenchao Wang (Henan Institute of Economics and Finance), Negative publicity
Mazzarol, Tim
Burgundy School of Business (Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne), KMU-HSG (University of St Gallen), IMQ (University of Bocconi), Waikato Business School (University of Waikato), Institute for Entrepreneurship (University of Sherbrooke), Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (Wirtschafts Universitat-Wien), CONCReaS (Lessius Hogeschool), School of Management (University of Grenada), and College of Business and Economics (Boise State University), Strategic innovation in small firms
Pettigrew, Simone
Prof. David Glen Mick (University of Virginia), Prof. Connie Pechmann (University of California, Irvine), and Prof. Julie Ozanne (Virginia Tech), Transformative consumer research handbook
Prof. George Moschis (Georgia State University), 2 book chapters (in 2 different books) on seniors as consumers
Prof. Fuat Firat (Texas-Pan American) and  Prof. Russell Belk (York University), Co-editing a special issue of the journal Consumption, Markets, and Culture
Purchase, Sharon
Theingi (Assumption University), Sikh Entrepreneurial Business Networks
Sid Lowe (Kingston University) and Nick Ellis (Leister University), Business Network Analysis

Sneddon, Joanne

Asst/Prof. Susan Golicic (Colorado State University), Ethical fashion supply chains
Dr Bernard Rollin (Colorado State University), Animal welfare in the fashion industry
Assoc/Prof. Tom Dean and Assoc/Prof. Yolanda Sarason (Colorado State University), Institutional entrepreneurship in the wool supply chain
Soutar, Geoff  & Lee, Julie
Mr Ma Yongbin, Vacation decision making
Asst/Prof. Tim Daly (University of Akron), A best worst personality scale
Asst/Prof. Tim Daly (University of Akron), Consumer bargaining
Sweeney, Jill
Prof. Mark Rosenbaum (Northern Illinois University), The role of third places in reducing mental fatigue
Assoc/Prof. Sabrina Helm (University of Arizona), The effect of WOM on sustainable water savigin behaviour
Prof. Joffre Swait (University of Alberta), How service failures affect brand credibility
Webb, David Prof. Joseph Sirgy (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA), Quality of Life Studies, Materialism Theory
Prof. Stefan Grzeskowiak (Rouen Business School, Rouen, France), QOL studies and Self-Determination Theory
Prof. Frikkie Herbst (University of Stellenbosch), QOL studies and Self-Determination Theory
Prof. Stacey Baker (Social justice theory) & Prof. Mark Peterson (University of Wyoming), Spirituality and QOL, Macromarketing
Prof. Alex Michalos (Brendon University, Canada), QOL studies; Dr Kevin Stuart (Qinghai Normal University, China), Happiness and QOL studies
Prof. Lia Rodrigues deLa Vega (La Matanza Universidad, Argentina), Security, Human Trafficking and QOL
Prof. Eduardo Wills-Herrera (Universidad Andes, Columbia), Security and QOL
Prof. Hasan Hugur (Faith University, Turkey), Self-Determination Theory and motivational learning
Prof. Mary Gentile (Babson College, USA), Giving Voice to Values, Business ethics