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Development of intercultural competence in Business Education


Further Information

The document provided on this page is a collation of exemplars and activities currently implemented by academic staff to embed the development of intercultural competence in Business Education.

Activities involve student engagement in pair work, small and large group work, case analyses, online interactions, learning logs, reflective journals, debates, simulations and role-play.

Activities implemented at the introductory or awareness raising level could also lead to understanding and reflection on the part of students, competencies identified as being of a higher order in the taxonomy. For example, students from different cultures and countries may meet for the first time in an introductory type activity aimed at breaking down barriers and facilitating intercultural interactions and cultural awareness. They could then proceed to interact more intensely to explore cultural values and differences, leading to deeper levels of understanding.

The acquired knowledge and understanding could then be applied to cross cultural group work through in-depth case analyses, engaging the students in the iterative process of learning at multiple levels. Utilisation of any suggested activity outlined in the context of this document will depend on factors such as learning and teaching objectives, focus of the curriculum, experience of the teacher, context and appropriateness of the activity, and the level of intercultural competence of the students. Consequently, there can be no hard and fast rule in relation to selection and use of the categorised activities, and ample flexibility and cross-over of activities is advised.