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MBA staff At The University of Western Australia’s Business School, we find groundbreaking answers, inspire new ways of thinking, spark progress and change, and are at the forefront of business thinking.

The UWA Business School’s world-class faculty include winners of national teaching awards, authors of leading textbooks, consultants to industry, and visiting professors at leading international business schools. In addition, the School is home to a Member of the Order of Australia, nine fellows of distinguished research academies, and is the only business school in the nation to have two Australian Research Council Future Fellows.

Our MBA professors are outstanding teachers and researchers. Read a selection of their profiles below.

Accounting and Finance

Winthrop Professor Raymond da Silva Rosa

As an expert in Mergers and Acquisitions, Professor da Silva Rosa has been called upon to act as an expert witness in numerous court cases.



Winthrop Professor Phillip Hancock

The recipient of national teaching awards, Professor Hancock provides consulting and training to a wide range of organisations in the private and public sectors where he draws on his expertise in financial reporting and analysis,



Professor David Woodliff

Professor Woodliff holds expertise in finance, financial accounting, financial statement analysis, behavioural accounting and auditing.



Centre for Social Impact

Winthrop Professor Paul Flatau

As Director of the Centre for Social Impact (UWA), Professor Flatau delivers MBA units centred around social impact and investment, social innovation, and philanthropy.



Winthrop Professor Ken Clements

As the BHP Billiton Distinguished Research Fellow, much of Professor Clements’ economics teaching is centred around the mining and resources industry.


Associate Professor Paul Crompton

Professor Crompton’s recent work includes the development of a global iron ore and steel forecasting model, and the estimation of technical efficiency at the plant level using a database of steel plants from around the world.


Management and Organisations 

Professor Ray Fells

Professor Fells’ research and teaching are aimed at finding ways to negotiate more effectively in the business environment.


Winthrop Professor Cristina Gibson

Professor Gibson, an Australian Research Council Future Fellow, is examining the leadership and human resource practices needed in order to maximise the quality of the work experience, the effectiveness of teams, and the competitiveness of multinational firms.


Assistant Professor Sandra Kiffin-Petersen

Professor Kiffin-Petersen teaches and consults in the areas of organisational behaviour and leadership, work team effectiveness and negotiation.


Assistant Professor Catherine Leighton

Professor Leighton engages in consulting work for organisations including Main Roads, Silver Chain, Tourism WA, and St John of God Health Care. Her expertise is centred around citizenship behaviour, job performance and satisfaction, organisational commitment and emotional labour.


Assistant Professor Aleksandra Luksyte

What effects does overqualification have on employee performance, voluntary turnover, and well-being? How do race, gender, age, and immigrant status affect decision-making, employee performance and well-being? Professor Luksyte, a former International Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, examines these areas in her MBA teaching and research.


Winthrop Professor Steve McShane

An expert on workplace values, emotions and attitudes, organisational decision making, and organisational learning, Professor McShane’s textbooks are used on MBA courses in Australia and internationally.


Winthrop Professor Sharon Parker

As the co-director of the Accelerated Learning Laboratory@UWA, Professor Parker delivers LAUNCH, a personal and career development module for UWA MBA students. Professor Parker is also an Australian Research Council Future Fellow whose primary areas of interest include proactive behaviour at work, self-efficacy and employee development, and staff well-being and active mental health.


Ms Dee Roche

As a senior management consultant with more than 25 years’ experience, Ms Roche’s strengths include leadership and strategy training, facilitation and group process initiatives and building cross-cultural teams that build on diversity and current talent.




Dr Brett Smith

Specialising in Business Information Management, Professor Smith has focused his work on the changing transport and housing choices of consumers. 



Winthrop Professor Tim Mazzarol

Professor Mazzarol specialises in entrepreneurship, innovation, small business management, marketing and strategy. He has ten years of experience with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including three years in the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, and has written numerous MBA textbooks.


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