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The GMA Council

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The GMA Council comprises postgraduate members elected annually, the Immediate Past President, student members elected annually, one International Student member, and one Business School representative.

Mark Palermo
Vice President
Conrad Pires
William Ooi
Graham Harmsworth

Councillor - Graduate Representative
Steve Elias
Councillor - Graduate Representative
Suzanne Paparo
Councillor - Graduate Representative
Federica Zampieron
Councillor - Student Representative
Divya Bhardwaj
Councillor - Student Representative
Uttara Merchant
Councillor - Student Representative
Tarik Voirin
Councillor - Student Representative Rebecca White

Business School Representative Marie Claire Bennetts

The fact that it is always better to give than to receive, is just one reason GMA members volunteer to be on the GMA Council. Other reasons are to network amongst a highly selective group, build a new skill set, add to their CV, put into practice new skills, and to gain experience for future Board roles.

The following roles are available on Council:

Involves chairing meetings, conferring with external agencies, leading strategic direction, being a part of the selection panel for the Charles Harper Award, and being the public face of the GMA.

Vice President
Involves deputising for President, reviewing and monitoring risk and constitution, sitting on sponsorship committee, preparing sponsorship agreements, and managing conflicts of interest and governance issues.


Involves preparing meeting agendas, overseeing correspondence, and managing administration staff member.


Involves preparing monthly financial reports, overseeing budget management, disbursing and registering funds, and liaising with our book-keeper and auditor.

Business School Representative

Involves representing Dean and Business School, liaising with the UWA community, and being the main point of contact for all Business School interactions.


There are 7 councillor roles available, including 2 student representative roles and 1 international student representative role. Sub-roles available include:

Membership Co-ordinator

Involves chairing membership sub-committee.

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Involves maintaining existing sponsors relationships and growing potential sponsor base.

Marketing Co-ordinator

Involves overseeing all marketing and preparing marketing schedules.

Event Champions

Involves managing one of our events.

Nominations and elections are held as part of the GMA AGM held annually in October.